January 29th, 2017, 1:00 pm

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Random note: new addition to how I render eyes. Maybe not even a visible improvement but I like it. </fishingForCompliments>
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Louwrens: Call it intuition. You're lucky I was here. Where does this come from all of a sudden?
Jane: Honestly ... it's not sudden at all. I've already come to a point several times where ... I mean ...

Jane: ... what's stopped me up to now was my conviction that it's an unforgivable sin, but ... ach, I don't know. /
Given that I'm a mass murderer, I'm on my way to ... that place ... in any case.

Louwrens: Look, there was a war and you may not have understood who your enemies were. That doesn't make you a murderer, just a cog in someone else's machine. /
The Anakim might not have allowed for you initially, but the whole situation was set up by them, and you simply acted within it ...

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