Beyond the Pale

November 5th, 2016, 4:00 pm

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onkunde sal altyd seëvier
jou haat sal jou verteer

ignorance conquers all
your hatred will consume you
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Reply Wolfie_Inu, November 6th, 2016, 4:07 pm


Jane: ... sorry. It's just ... didn't I make it clear throughout? Initially I thought you were space creatures; then I learned that you were programmable; and in the end, that you were artificial. At no point did I have a reason to see you as people ... and I also could not afford doing so.

Jane: I had determined to destroy your entire race, root and branch. And I could always rationalize it on the grounds that you were fundamentally different. Not only in an superficial way, but at the most basic level. Who can know what an alien thinks, or if it can even think at all as we understand it? And if it's programmable, then it doesn't matter how convincing it is. An actor is not the character that he portrays; a character in a movie or a computer game is not a person. It is not murder to end a computer program.

Jane: But now I know that you're also just, in your own way, fellow Khanite victims of the Anakim. Now I have no excuses left, and I can't disguise the truth any more: I was not looking for justice. It was all vengefulness, and I was willing to commit genocide for this reason. I am no better than the people who destroyed my world.

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