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"maar hoe weet jy watter muishond is watter een?"
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[Note: Montana as in the suburb, not the American state]


Louwrens: Honestly I haven't really seen her again since the Anakim were defeated ...
Dr. Simelane: I'm supposed to see her every week, but it must be a month since she was last here. /
That's when her neurologist informed us that her central nervous system would never again be able to withstand any form of hibernation.
Louwrens: So ... if the Anakim don't show up again during her natural remaining lifespan ...

Dr. Simelane: Just so. It's been quite a blow to her. / It's unprofessional of me to tell these tales out of school, but ... could you go and see how it's going with her? She hasn't been accepting my calls for a while, and it bothers me. / I'd do something myself, but I can't really justify a physical visit myself ... but you don't need to ...
Louwrens: Does she still live in Montana?
Dr. Simelane: Yes, do you know where?
Louwrens: I've been there. Very well, I'll go as soon as I have time ...

Dr. Simelane: Please. I feel very uneasy ...

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