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[ And so, a debriefing is held ... ]
Jane: ... and I carried him to his ship and, um ... plugged him into the cigarette lighter. After that, we returned in his ship.
Alex: And the ship that you left in from here?
Jane: Oh, yes. After I left it, its autopilot kicked in. It's still waiting for my signal at the bottom of the sea. Maybe someone should go and get it at some point.

Alex: Then with that, the formal debriefing is at an end. Any further questions or conclusions?
Jane: Well, I've learned not to simply trust every Khanite that's also got a problem with Om-Ankh. / And, well, it looks like the so-called "anakim" do exist after all, but I don't understand what it is that they want or why there are no Khanites among them ...
Alex: We in the Resistance honestly don't completely understand it, either ... Lieutenant, do you have any insights about this?

Human Lieutenant: Nothing that I haven't already imparted to you. Before my colleagues and I were deprogrammed and incorporated by the Resistance, all we knew was that the very highest corps of leaders were Khanites. / The highest of them is the "goddess," who plays a quasi-religious and organizing role. / None of us was high up enough to get the full picture, but we did know that her orders were non-negotiable ...

Jane: Really! Well, I'll have to wait for confirmation before I believe that one. / But on that same general topic ... the story that the late lamented Pinard told, that the Om-Ankh species itself was "created" by the Khanite members of the Anakim? Do you know about that?

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