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instant plot; just add Maizena
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Louwrens: Right then, I'm whole again ... and now I'd like to know why you thought it'd be a good idea to take me apart!

Nurse: It wasn't my idea ... but it's the first time that we could get our hands on such an undamaged example of your prosthetics ...
Louwrens: In other words, one of the Resistance's prostheses.
Nurse: Yes ...

Louwrens: So you know who we are, then?
Nurse: Yes: the Om-Ankh Resistance against the Anakim.
Louwrens: Hmm ... the guard whom I shot was an Om-Ankh with the Anakim's uniform and weaponry ... / And there are Om-Ankh who look like Khanites; like me. But according to my sensors, you're a real Khanite; and I saw a few other Khanites in this base, too. Why are Khanites working for the Anakim?

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