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Ondersteun kunstenaars. Koop wettige kopieƫ van jou mp3s.
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Reply Wolfie_Inu, April 28th, 2011, 8:55 am

So, hy's ook nou al 'n bietjie ouer. Vir dit wat nog hierop volg is dit nodig dat hulle hom ten minste al 'n rukkie ken.

Ek hou van daai liedjie. En ja, dit het betrekking op die volgende bladsye ...

So, he's also a bit older now. For what follows on this it is necessary that they should at least have known him for a while.

I like that song. And yes, it is relevant to the following pages ...


[It is three years since Louwrens was adopted by the Du Toits ...]
Article on Laptop Screen: The ship, which according to reports is 10,000 years old, was found in the Marion System, which belongs to South Africa. Scientists are already on the way to the area. It is hoped that this find will cast new light on our early history ...
Louwrens: (thinks) Year Number Three in which I need to keep up the act ... have to pretend to be completely normal ... they can't be allowed to find out ...
Mrs. Du Toit: Louwrens, please open the windows in your room! One can't breathe in there at all!

Louwrens: Umkay! / (thinks) Not that it can't be fun to pretend to be a teenager ...
Mrs. Du Toit: Not "umkay," get up and do it ...
Louwrens: Right, Ma!

Louwrens: (sings "Bring Me To Life" along with the mp3, but with a strong accent)
Mrs. Du Toit: Yes, I can hear you're listening to your terrible music, but are the windows open?
Louwrens: (keeps singing)

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