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Reply Wolfie_Inu, April 10th, 2011, 5:59 pm

In paneel 2 sien ons wat gebeur as sarkasme misluk.
En ja, hierdie ouens stort maar min. Nes 'n hond - as jy hom te veel was, was jy die natuurlike olie van sy vel af en dis nie goed nie ...
Nog 'n ding. Hoekom Du Toit? Want my sussie het gedink die man lyk soos Jannie Du Toit, die sanger. Dus is dit nou sy naam.

In panel 2 we see what happens when sarcasm fails.
And yes, these guys don't shower much. Just like with dogs - if you wash them too much, you wash the natural oils out of their skin, and that's not good ...
Another thing. Why Du Toit? Because my little sister thought that the husband looks like Jannie Du Toit, the singer ("Jannie" = "Jan" = "Johannes"). So that's his name now.

Note on pronunciation: the couple in panel 3 have the surname Du Toit. I don't know about the French, but in Afrikaans at least, this is pronounced "Do Toy," rather than "Do Twah."


PA System: Louwrens! Do you hear this announcement?
Louwrens: (thinks) Typical ... just when I'm in the shower ... I swear, this happens every time ... every single week ... (aloud) Yes, yes ... I'm coming ...

Lady: Oh! Sorry ... I didn't know you were in the shower ...
Louwrens: No, that's okay ... it's not like I feel wet, cold and miserable now ...
Lady: I'm glad to hear that ... / Do you remember the Du Toits?
Louwrens: Yes, of course ...
Lady: Well, at this moment they're in my office ...

Lady: And they've just reached an important decision ...

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