Back to the Future

April 9th, 2011, 5:00 pm

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Ha ha, clever title, not :P
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Reply Wolfie_Inu, April 9th, 2011, 4:01 pm

Dis die eerste van 'n paar beplande heen-en-weer bladsye. Omdat daar tans twee storielyne is, Jane s'n en Louwrens s'n, en omdat ek wil hĂȘ dit moet beter "vloei," gaan ek heeltyd tussen die twee storielyne spring. Dit is omdat a) die een nie te ver agter die ander moet raak nie, en b) daar 'n logiese aanknooppunt is waar die twee storielyne inmekaarvloei. Ek hou net van stories wat so werk so myne gaan ook :)

This is the first of a couple of planned back-and-forth pages. Because there are currently two story lines, Jane's and Louwrens's, and because I want it to "flow" better, I'm going to continually jump between the story lines. This is because a) the one shouldn't get too far behind the other, and b) there is a logical point in the shared plot where these two story lines will segue into each other. I just like stories that work like that, so mine will do the same :)


Jane: Where are we going, mister? [lit.: honorific "uncle"]
Soldier: To a place where you'll be safe ...

Soldier: You'll see, we'll be there shortly ...

Meanwhile, 10 000 years into the future.
It is the third month after Louwrens Labuschagne arrived on the other planet ...

Lady: Louwrens, come to my office, please ... / I have very good news!

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Reply Wolfie-DMX, April 10th, 2011, 11:21 am

Baie goed! Eish, nou is ek EERS nuuskuurig oor wat gaan gebeur hoor hehe, hou so aan! :D

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