12 Jul 2015 03:00 pm

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[intentionally broken olde Englishe to stand in for intentionally broken Dutch - don't write me a thousand letters]
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Reply Wolfie_Inu, 12 Jul 2015 03:29 pm


[Three years have passed ...]
?(1): Another one?
?(2): Oh! Yes, thanks!

Louwrens: Dear sister, this time you've surpassed yourself!

Alex: Thank you kindly, honoured brother! I art just thine poor maidservant!

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Reply Sjydancer (Guest), 13 Jul 2015 04:11 pm

Interesting. Much more attractive redesign. Are the black patches a required warning of overpowered prosthetics, or is that just the power ports?

Reply Wolfie_Inu, 14 Jul 2015 04:39 am

@Skydancer: the one by his eye is for the interface and diagnostics, the one on his hand is his cellphone screen (as on the original prosthetic), but he does have an internal power source since half his organs are still artificial

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